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M2TECH - (USA SALES ONLY if no local dealer is active). Advanced High-Resolution PC audio systems and streaming devices. Phono stage preamps, digital to analog converters, power amps and A/D conversion. Word clock, USB/SPDIF adapters and ultra-low noise power supplies. All M2Tech products are designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy.

Joplin MK3 32bit/384kHz A/D converter with remote *new*

Joplin MK3 32bit/384kHz A/D converter with remote *new*

$ 2,299.00 

Joplin MK3 "New" Turn your computer into a high resolution audio recorder with our new ADC with phono-stage!

The Joplin MK3 is exactly what you need to connect your turntable to your computer or to your all-digital hi-fi system.

The versatile analog front-end, with settable gain up to 65dB and variable input impedance allow user to connect every phono cartridge without the need for a phono pre-amplifier. In case a phono pre-amplifier is to be used, the analog input may be set to 0dB gain and 47 kOhms impedance, to behave as the line input of every pre-amplifier or integrated amplifier

The internal processing block allows user to enable phono equalization in digital domain, choosing one out of several phono curves available. Digitized data are sent to a wealth of digital outputs, as well as to the USB port for recording into a file on a computer. An auxiliary SPDIF digital input enables a digital communication channel to the computer, actually providing it with a digital input.

The extremely high signal-to-noise ratio, the vanishingly low distortion and the precision of the equalization curves make for a virtually transparent link between your turntable cartridge and your digital pre-amplifier and your computer.