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M2TECH - (USA sales referrals only), Advanced High-Resolution PC audio systems and streaming devices. Phono stage preamps, digital to analog converters, power amps and A/D conversion. Word clock, USB/SPDIF adapters and ultra-low noise power supplies. All M2Tech products are designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy.

About Us

M2Tech is an award winning consumer electronics manufacturer enabling computer audio playback, digital to analog and analog to digital conversion, dual drive Class A headphone amplification, advanced data clocking, phono-stage amplification, system pre-amplification, power amplifiers, low noise power supplies and advanced USB to S/PDIF signal converters. (Note: For sales into Canada please contact Richard.k@asonaltd.com or by phone at 800-771-8279). 

M2Tech pioneered high resolution PC audio playback with the innovative USB/SPDIF "Hi Face" adaptor and the Hi Face USB to SPDIF 24-192 DAC with line out plus mini amp.

M2Tech continues to evolve with the mew Young MK3 MQA DSD256 DAC/Pre-amp, Van der Graff MK2, C1 amplifier and N1 phono-stage. The EVO2 Series includes DACs, clocking, low noise power supplies and AD and DA conversion plus phono-stage. To see more information at the factory home page in Italy, please visit: http://www.m2tech.biz/it/index_it.html 

NOTE: For sales in Canada contact: ASONA Ltd. richard.k@asonaltd.com           Phone: (905) 947-9229